Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology
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Themes of the Conference

General Topics

1.The system of psychology teaching (curriculum and method) in every country
2.Teaching psychology: goals, outcomes, curriculum, and methods
3.The best practices in all educational settings
4.Continuing education in psychology
5.Teaching of psychology for professionals in different fields of practice

Experience with Basic (Core) Courses

6.Introductory psychology
7.Research methods and statistics
8.Experimental psychology
9.Biological psychology
10.Cognitive psychology
11.Developmental psychology
12.Personality and individual differences
13.Abnormal psychology
14.Social psychology
15.Cross-cultural psychology
16.History and systems of psychology

Experience with Advanced Courses

17.Clinical psychology
18.Health psychology
19.Counseling psychology
20.Industrial and organizational psychology
21.Human factors
22.Psychology in business and economics
23.Human relations
24.Community psychology
25.Educational and school psychology
26.Forensic psychology
27.Sport psychology
28.Gender and sexuality
29.Innovations in curriculum

Experience Across the Curriculum

30.The best methods of classroom instruction
31.Classroom demonstrations and activities
32.Service learning and internships in psychology
33.Research-based methods of teaching psychology
34.The scholarship of teaching and learning
35.Distance teaching and learning: Internet, on-line, and digital cables

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