Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology
Sue Purnell,
University of Liverpool,


This presentation will consider aspects of student transition into the First Year of Higher Education that may hold a clue to the development of student engagement. We take as a given that passionate teachers, and excellent learning opportunities, will go a long way to enhancing student engagement. However, in order for students to be engaged by good teaching & learning they need to be in a place where they have the self confidence and necessary skills to engage. A student who is unhappy in their accommodation, has no meaningful relationships with peers or teaching staff, or is uncertain about academic staff expectations is less likely to be able to engage with the learning experience, and is certainly at greater risk of withdrawing early. The role of helping students to make the transition into fully engaged, fully competent students is a truly multi-disciplinary one. The role of the teaching staff is crucial, but other colleagues in student support, libraries, accommodation, and even security and catering play an essential part in nurturing these new learners. The discussion will explore a model of first year transition that might prove to be useful, and examine the essential first few weeks at university as the perfect time to start the process of engagement.

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