Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology
Anna Laura Comunian,
Padua University,

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In Italy, Psychology Faculties of the University have reformulated their teaching strategies on the basis of the new system rules, offering over three-year degree courses and postgraduate and specialization courses and have arranged the Masters courses which may be attended after the three-year degrees or after the postgraduate courses. Italian universities currently recruit future researchers and professors from among the young people who have completed the doctoral examination. In Italy the deep diversified realities, especially among Northern-Centre and Southern, appear to influence the relation between training system and work market. A university as a changing world, with training at high qualitative and quantitative levels, appears to be fostered both from the international research (EDEX, Education expansion and labour Market) and from CRUI (Conferenza dei Rettori delle UniversitŠ° Italiane) documentation. EU programs design to foster research collaboration and exchanges in the work forces, are encouraging Italian psychologists to found new identity into common European perspectives. This is a debate that continues.

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