Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology
Doris Vasconcellos,
University of Paris,

Presentation (ppt)


This paper will describe the on-going activities of EUROPLAT. On January 30th 2008, at Vila Finaly, Florence, Italy, representatives from 20 European and Eastern European countries assembled to create the European Network for Psychology Learning and Teaching. Consistent with the Bologna Accords to harmonize higher education programs throughout all European Countries, this network will promote the international exchange of knowledge on all fields of Psychology. The broad aims and objectives of the Network were agreed to including the enhancement of the quality of teaching and student learning in psychology across Europe as well as developing the scholarship of teaching and learning in psychology across Europe. The European Network for Psychology Learning and Teaching develops three strands of activity, knowledge sharing and communication, research, and staff development. A proposal seeking EU funding was also undertaken. Priority issues for the network included: teaching large classes, the value of the three-year Bachelor’s Degree, the employability of psychology graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, professional standards for teachers of psychology and teaching resources. A web site was created to facilitate exchanges (

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