Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology
Maria Pereira-Fradin,
Paris Descartes University,
Paris, France

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I will start by presenting the course necessary in France to become a teacher-researcher in psychology. This course shows that pedagogical issues do not occupy an important place in the training of our post-graduate students who want to teach psychology. Some universities offer teaching modules during the realization of the thesis (PH-D) but much of this preparation is done by the practice, under the responsibility of more experienced teacher-researchers. I will describe how the transmission between experts and beginners is carried out. Finally, I will explain the main reasons of this lack of investment in pedagogy: (a) the heterogeneity of the undergraduate students population due to the lack of selection at the entrance into universities, (b) the development of the professional careers based only on scientific criteria of publication, (c) the lack of evaluation of teachers and the very weak assessment of lessons, (d) the recruitment of teachers-researchers without their teaching qualities being really taken into account.

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