Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology
Larissa A. Tsvetkova & Leonid V. Kulikov,
Saint-Petersburg State University,


At the present day systematic psychological education of any form and specialization in Russian Federation, as well as in other countries, completes with final qualification paper. Such paper should include a description of student’s individual research. Scientific originality of the results and validity of the conclusions are the main criteria for the definition of the effective research. Such requirements for the paper are feasible enough in case of the student obtain his psychological education for his future professional work as researcher. In the absence of any scientific research experience, specialist is unable to orientate himself among psychological publications and to value feasibility of the statements that are contained within these psychological publications. Not all students aspire to scientific work in the future.

Psychological education in requital of the basis education is the only for work in the future as the psychologist-psychotherapist, mediator (probably with subspecialty for different spheres of practice), the social worker, the social teacher, the coordinator of a different kinds of projects (social, charitable, ecological…), the PR-specialist and others. In a such occupation one’s own experience of carrying out of scientific research can be hardly considered as irreplaceable within the process of becoming professional.

It makes sense to expand the list of specializations that can be added to the name of the vocation and qualification "Psychologist". Such extras can be for example - "Psychologist-researcher", «Psychologist in the field of education», "Psychologist-communicator", "Psychologist-adviser", "Psychologist-psychogigienist" etc. In accordance with the kind of psychological qualification corresponding requirements should be developed.

Working out a project, psychological training programs, detailed conclusion based on a large-scale psychodiagnostic examination and other kinds of final paper can be presented as alternative form of traditional graduation work. Providing obligatory substantiation the student should include within final paper his recommendations on the personal self-development directions, progressive education, psychological self assistance, psychotherapeutic assistance and so on.

The author of the project can devote it to the further development of the chosen methodology, to the programs of training or self-development. The following items should be included within the project:

The developed estimation of the definite methodology used in psychological diagnostics, training, intervention, self-control or coping-behavior...

Its comparison on a number of characteristics (breadth of use, accuracy of the diagnosis or the forecast, an opportunity of reception presence and qualitative and quantitative results and so on) with other methodologies, the same or close assignment.

The description of the new fields of practice of the discussed methodology. If the methodology is widely enough used, graduation thesis can include section in which the review of results of its application in different fields of practice, with different samples of subjects is given, an estimation of efficiency of its application in different situations.

The plan of practical work with use of a discussed methodology

The detailed description of procedure of usage.

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